Miraca Group

Message from the President

The Miraca Group primarily focuses its business activity on clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostics. For more than 50 years, we have endeavored to improve the quality of clinical testing and provide ever more superior products and services, while always keeping foremost in mind the fact that, behind every sample we treat or test we perform, is a precious human life.

The healthcare environment has undergone rapid changes in recent years. The need to reduce medical costs, which continue to rise with the aging of society, has become a critical issue. On the other hand, the potential of healthcare has expanded dramatically beyond the scope of research and development of advanced drugs and treatments, to a wide range of fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. As medical technology advances and the healthcare environment evolves, the role of clinical testing continues to grow, extending past medical diagnosis to encompass presymptomatic disease prevention, health management, and even quality of life (QOL) improvement.

With these circumstances in mind, the Miraca Group redefined itself as a single unified group in 2017, marking a new start for us all. In addition to redesigning our corporate logo, we have created a new brand message that universally conveys the unique characteristics and values of the Miraca Group.

As the Miraca Group enters a new stage, we will make sustained and concerted efforts as a healthcare group to build upon our core segments of clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostics, while expanding our areas of business. By fostering closer cooperation between each company, we will strive to leverage group synergy and achieve even greater growth. In our existing businesses, we will continue to draw upon our expertise in each field and our comprehensive strength as a group to develop high-quality products and enhance our services. Furthermore, we will embrace the challenge of developing new businesses that promote health management and contribute to the creation of a healthy and prosperous society.

Moving forward, the Miraca Group reaffirms its commitment to serve as “the bridge between people and healthcare”, in pursuit of our mission to realize a healthier future for all.