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Sterilization & Related Services

Our Sterilization & Related Services business works in medical partnership with Nihon Stery Co., Ltd. to increase hospital management efficiency through a variety of services supporting the front lines of medical treatment.

On-Site and Off-Site Medical Equipment Sterilization Services: Optimization of Equipment in Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSDs) and Facilitation of Safer and More Secure Processes
On-Site and Off-Site Medical Equipment Sterilization Services

On-site sterilization staff performs a variety of contract services assignments in CSSDs inside hospitals. Through the latest methods, we support optimal work systems that reflect conditions within the hospital. In addition, we provide comprehensive support in the management of medical equipment for intermediate-department, improving equipment operating safety and making work processes more efficient. Our efforts facilitate the effective use of equipment and human resources, allowing nurses to concentrate on their nursing duties.

Meanwhile, hospitals are experiencing an increasingly severe business environment, facing challenges in securing space or making major investments in facilities and new equipment related to intermediate-department. We have established sterilization centers at eight locations throughout to provide off-site sterilization services in accordance with the size and situation of client hospitals. We also provide sterilization and delivery services for medical examination equipment to schools and other institutions.

Eight Sterilization Centers Nationwide

Hinode Center (Nishitama County, Tokyo)Tokyo Center (Adachi-ku, Tokyo), Yamato Center (Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture), Katori Center (Narita City, Chiba Prefecture), Nagoya Center (Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture), Shizuoka Center (Haibara County, Shizuoka Prefecture), Osaka Center (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), Kurume Center (Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Surgical Procedure Support Services: Proposals and Comprehensive Support for Greater Efficiency in Operating Rooms
Surgical Procedure Support Services

We provide end-to-end support ranging from preoperative preparation to anesthesia-related services, temporary intraoperative response, and interoperative and postoperative cleaning. We also provide equipment delivery according to the needs of hospitals. Our support services allow hospitals to reduce time between surgeries and contribute to improving operating room utilization. We also provide comprehensive support for peripheral tasks so nurses can concentrate on the work of nursing.

Endoscopic Room Support Services: Contributing to Higher Utilization of Endoscopic Rooms
Endoscopic Room Support Services: Contributing to Higher Utilization of Endoscopic Rooms

The evolution in medical devices has been remarkable over recent years. Advanced medical treatment using endoscopes has given rise to more endoscopy and related procedures. Our support services are not limited to the cleaning and sterilization of endoscopes, but also extend to preparation, organizing, cleaning, and inventory replenishment before examinations and treatment. Our services contribute to the more efficient utilization of endoscopic rooms.

SPD SERVICES: Reducing Inventory Through Logistics Management Systems
SPD SERVICES: Reducing Inventory Through Logistics Management Systems

The variety of disposable products, mainly medical equipment, has increased over recent years. This increase has led to needs for centralized inventory management and cost reductions. Our staff provides an understanding of appropriate inventory and purchase consumption results to reduce overall inventory levels.

Environmental Management and Measurement Services: Preventing Hospital Infections in Clean and Isolation Areas

To ensure proper environments and infection control in clean and isolated hospital areas (operating rooms, ICUs, NICUs, etc.), we offer a variety of environment measurement services that include leak testing and differential pressure measurement. In this way, our efforts contribute to the prevention of hospital infections. We also offer a wide range of services tailored to individual hospital needs, such as regular waxing and cleaning, replacement of HEPA filters, and the special cleaning of high surfaces and walls.

Medical Engineering Equipment Management Conducted by Specialized Technical Staff

The configuration and usage techniques of ME equipment have become more sophisticated and complex. Equipment operation and maintenance is more involved and important than ever. We engage in centralized management of equipment rentals, daily inspections and regular function maintenance, and other tasks, mainly performed by qualified clinical engineers.