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Healthcare Related


Sterilization and other extensive services

NIHON STERY provides sterilization services to hospitals in the Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku and Kyushu regions.

The on-site sterilization service sends specialized staff to central service departments in each hospital to offer comprehensive support for day-to-day sterilizing operations including retrieving, cleaning, assembling, and sterilizing of used medical instruments as well as supplying of sterilized medical instruments. Through the on-site service, the company offers a solution for the utility of medical equipment and human resource to improve the safety in their operation of instruments and materials, increase the efficiency of work processes and create an environment for nurses to concentrate on their essential duties.

Furthermore, NIHON STERY has eight sterilization centers to offer off-site sterilization services under its stringent quality management.

Other services of NIHON STERY include surgical operation support “OP-Tek”, endoscope room support, logistics and healthcare material management as well as repair and maintenance of medical equipment.

Clinical Trials Support

Supporting global pharmaceutical R&D process
Clinical Trials Support

In the clinical trials support business, SRL Medisearch Inc. uses its technical knowledge and its extensive network to provide comprehensive support for pharmaceutical research and development operations.

To introduce new drugs that are safe and effective to medical practice as soon as possible, SRL Medisearch acts as a bridge between pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions and offers services of consistently excellent quality.

For clinical trials, its technical personnel provide integrated services to ensure the accuracy of laboratory analyses and the traceability of the overall process, including pre-trial setups, collection and transportation of samples, testing, the reporting of results, and data management. With all the expertise it has accumulated over nearly 30 years, SRL Medisearch offers a broad array of services.

Responding to the globalization of the pharmaceutical market, SRL Medisearch is able to provide the Global Study Support in respond to the trend to extend trials from Japan to overseas and vice versa.

Preventive Medicine Related

The Miraca Group offers other healthcare-related services including rental and sales of nursing-care equipment and supplies.