Miraca Group

Group Brand

The Origin of "Miraca"

Fujirebio and SRL have led the way in the development of clinical diagnostics and promotion of clinical testing, respectively. Both companies have enjoyed an excellent reputation within the healthcare industry for decades.

The new holding company, "Miraca", was thus named after its slogan, "Looking ahead, we will remain committed and contribute to the development of science." "Miraca" comes from abbreviating and combining two Japanese words: "Mirai" (future) and "Cagaku" (science).


Miraca Statement

Bridging People to Healthcare Our pursuit is to champion public health through products and services empowered by leading-edge technology. Often without recognition, we support and inspire patients, medical professionals, and society as a whole with daily medical solutions. We envision a future that others can’t, through insights derived from data. Our unique perspective helps us provide innovative solutions that contribute to a thriving tomorrow. We believe it’s our duty to contribute to a society where anyone can live a long and fruitful life, as we discover new possibilities for human health. We’ve set a revolution into motion, seeking meaningful answers to build trust and bridge humanity and healthcare services. Even as we evolve, our promise remains steadfast as we strive to meet tomorrow’s ever-changing and diverse medical needs.