Our Approach to CSR

CSR Philosophy

Its management and employees fully recognize that corporate activities go hand in hand with a wide-range of stakeholders, within and outside of the organization, and we commit to honor our social responsibilities as corporate citizens.

CSR Policy

  • We will carry out such activities that help to enhance our corporate value.
  • We will commit ourselves to continue activities within our capacity.
  • We will encourage our employees to participate in those activities.

Four Areas of Activities

Healthy and prosperous society

Develop and distribute high quality and world-leading products and services

We commit ourselves to the development and distribution of high-quality, highly reliable cutting-edge clinical diagnostics products, laboratory testing and other services, and, as a leading Japanese brand, make those products and services available to people around the world.

Human resources

Help our employees develop problem-solving and value-creating capabilities

For the betterment of our global society as well as the Miraca Group’s growth, we help our employees, as members of global society with diverse backgrounds, develop capabilities and willingness to solve problems and provide novel, value-added products and services.


Provide environmentally-friendly products and services

We manufacture products, manage product life-cycles, and provide services that lead to less environmental burden, and encourage each and every one of our employees, as members of local communities, to contribute to a better environment.

Local communities

Live together in harmony with local communities through philanthropic actions

We implement community activities such as charitable donations, public-interest activities and educational activities, and encourage each employee to join them to create harmony with local communities.

*For details on the four areas of activities, see “Materiality.”

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