Key Performance Indicators

Full-scale launch of the Miraca Group’s philanthropic activities

Pursue Miraca identity, aim for 1,000 participants a year

The Miraca Group aims to become a corporate group with forward-looking and distinctive CSR activities in Japan by 2020. In fiscal 2018, we have united as a Group to promote philanthropic activities that previously led by each company and division.

Annual Number of Participants
Initial plan

The number of participants is used as an indicator to measure corporate commitment to volunteer activities, and is required for disclosure by external standards.
With fiscal 2018 as the trial phase and fiscal 2019 as the refinement phase, this period was set as the two years to jump-start philanthropy, with plans to expand the annual number of participants to 700 and 1,000 for fiscal 2018 and 2019, respectively.


FY2017 result

Estimated number of participants at around 250 to 300

FY2018 result (as of Dec. 31, 2018)
Type of activity Number of participants
Activities addressing care-related issues in collaboration with NPOs, patients associations and other organizations 412
Philanthropic activities by each division, such as open symposiums and cleanup 459
Community projects such as festivals 472

In the past, the Group had invested extensively on academic-related donations and the Miraca Group Summer Festival at Hachioji Office, but did not actively contribute to NPOs and patients associations.
In the future, we plan to expand donations and support programs for NPOs and patients associations in keeping with our Policy on Philanthropy.

FY2017 result

Pie chartPie chart

42,806,505 yen total

Distilling the Miraca Identity

During the fiscal 2018 trial phase, we collected many ideas and candidate organization for collaboration from Group employees based on ideas solicited from company portals and Group CSR awareness surveys. From fiscal 2019, we will implement refinements and distill our unique activities.

Conceptual diagramConceptual diagram

FY2018 collaborating organizations

*in no particular order

Group name Area of operations Miraca Group’s role
Japan Hair Donation & Charity Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka Administrative support for hair donation family event (six times at three venues)
Takahashi City Volunteer Center Okayama Volunteer first response to the 2018 torrential rains in western Japan
Maggie’s Tokyo Tokyo Administrative support for open house event, Open Maggie’s Day
Otoasobikobo (Sound and play workshop) Hyogo Artistic activity together with children with intellectual disabilities
The Support Network for NANBYO Children of Japan Yamanashi, Kanagawa Grass mowing at lodging facilities for families of children with intractable diseases and camp administrative support
Ronald McDonald House Hokkaido, Sendai, Saitama, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Tochigi, Hyogo, Kochi, Fukuoka Housekeeping (light work volunteers) at 12 facilities nationwide and administrative support for charity run
Hand Stamp Art Project Tokyo Collection of handprints of people with and without disabilities, promotional support at the Miraca Group Summer Festival
Hanasakimura Tokyo Tokyo Green Ship Action, Satoyama conservation efforts
Sotokoto monthly publication Tokyo Smile Africa Project charity run event sponsor and administrative volunteers
ASrid Tokyo 10th Rare Disease Day in Tokyo event administrative support
Social Artist Network Kanagawa Support for emotional development program at a children’s home
Human Rights Now Tokyo World Children’s Day Charity Walk & Youth Festival sponsorship aid and administrative volunteers
Civic Force Western Japan, Hokkaido Disaster fund donation for the 2018 torrential rains in western Japan and Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake
Japanese Red Cross Society Western Japan Disaster relief donation for the 2018 torrential rains in western Japan
The Breathing Room Foundation USA Snack bags donated via a cancer patient support group festival
Philabundance USA Carried out US-based food drive extensively collecting food and food products from the general public
Think Pink Belgium Donation to breast cancer patient support group via a company charity festival
Autism Speaks USA Participation and donation to Autism Speaks Walk (charity walk to support children with autism)
Participant group photo