Major Activities

Participatory Initiatives by Employees

Support for cancer and alopecia patients (hair donation)
Initial situation

The Miraca Group helps administrate events at three venues in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka organized by the non-profit Japan Hair Donation & Charity. In these events participants donated their hair and experience and learn how wigs are produced for children with hair loss due to illnesses affecting the scalp or hair.

Support at lodging facilities for families of hospitalized children
Initial situation

We offer assistance to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan, which operates accommodations to support families of patients with intractable disease. Specifically, our employees at nearby offices and head office actively volunteer for indoor and outdoor cleaning at all 12 facilities across Japan.

Cleanup at cancer patient center
Initial situation

We carry out cleanup and other light-duty work at a center managed by Maggie’s Tokyo. The center offers support to anyone affected by cancer, including patients, their families and friends. Nurses, psychotherapists and other staff at the center are ready to listen and offer support to help them regain their strength.

Biodiversity conservation in the Tokyo satoyama
Initial situation

At the satoyama or rural mountains near JR Chuo Line’s Toyoda Station, we conduct volunteer work such as clearing undergrowth and thinning trees, and hold nature observation tour and nature craft workshop for parents and children, twice a year in spring and fall. As part of Tokyo’s authorized environmental volunteer program Tokyo Greenship Action, our activities help conserve biodiversity in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Volunteering for the torrential rains in western Japan
Initial situation

We volunteered to support areas devastated by the torrential rains in western Japan, which occurred in July 7, 2018. Based on the collected information about the areas ready for early acceptance of non-local volunteers, 18 employees provided onsite disaster relief through the Takahashi City volunteer center in Okayama Prefecture for two days (July 15 and 16).

Summer festival for a vibrant community in Hachioji
Initial situation

We have hosted a summer festival at the Hachioji Office every year since 1981 to support local development. The festival has lately grown to welcome around 3,000 neighborhood residents. Since fiscal 2017, we have showcased our collaborative efforts with other organizations in the CSR booth, such as “Hepatitis: Think Again” project and Hand Stamp Art Project.

Autism Speaks Walk and matching employee donation
Initial situation

Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories, LLC attended the charity walk with autism support organizations and children in October. At the same time, we raised $1,221 in donations from employees against a $1,000 target.

Donations of Funds and Supplies

Matching employee donation: Miraca Disaster Relief Donation Scheme
Initial situation

We have set up the Miraca Disaster Relief Donation Scheme, which matches amounts voluntarily donated by employees with company contributions to provide relief to disaster areas. In fiscal 2018, we initiated the scheme for the torrential rains in western Japan and the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake. Miraca Holdings donated a total of 1.32 million yen to Civic Force, a public interest incorporated association, and Japanese Red Cross Society.

Charitable trust fund for healthcare
Initial situation

For 30 years, we have been running the Charitable Trust Laboratory Medicine Research Foundation of Japan, which supports future researchers and contributes to advances in medicine and medical technology. We help raise the standards in the industry as a whole, with funding available to all hospitals and researchers. Total funding has exceeded 200 million yen by fiscal 2018.

Smile Africa charity run event
Initial situation

The Smile Africa Project aims to support public health in developing countries by donating outgrown shoes to children in Africa. The shoes collection program is organized together with a charity run event with guest appearances by Sydney Olympic gold medalist Naoko Takahashi and professional wheelchair runner Jun Hiromichi. Miraca Group sponsors the event, and our employees and their families participate as runners and volunteer staff.

World Children’s Day Charity Walk
Initial situation

As part of World Children’s Day, we joined the Charity Walk & Youth Festival organized by the non-profit Human Rights Now as a Silver Sponsor. At the festival, we also volunteered to handle a talk event welcoming a variety of guests, and administrate workshops and booths by high school and university students, NGOs, embassies and corporations.

Growing the UNESCO World Terakoya Movement

We have been participating in the Miswritten Postcard Collection Campaign by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan since 1990. The campaign actively works to popularize international cooperation starting with a postcard, to raise funds for the World Terakoya Movement, which aims to help all children to be able to attend school.

Philabundance Annual Holiday Food Drive
Initial situation

Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc. employees participated in an annual food drive during the holiday season to benefit Philabundance.
The Philabundance food drive is the largest event of its kind in the United States and has the mission of feeding those in need.
The Malvern, Pennsylvania based employees set a goal of collecting one ton (2,000 pounds) of food and ultimately ended up delivering 2,061 pounds to the food drive.

Donation to Think Pink through a company charity festival
Initial situation

We held a charity festival at the Fujirebio Europe N. V. headquarters, a test reagent manufacturer based in Belgium, for one week starting November 19, 2018 and at Christmas. Food sales and other earnings from the festival were donated to Think Pink, a breast cancer support organization.

Initiatives Leveraging Our Expertise

International trainee program
Initial situation

Through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), we accept diagnostic technicians and their supervisors from developing countries as trainees. Under this program, they learn about diagnostic technologies in Japan. Fujirebio exports its products to developing countries through WHO, UNICEF and other international organizations as part of its efforts for global healthcare.

Educational assistance to junior high and high schools
Initial situation

At our major laboratory complex (SRL Hachioji Laboratory), which analyzes specimens sent by major hospitals nationwide and handles esoteric testing, we accept company visits and study support for junior high and high school students. Our experienced employees with expertise guide the laboratory tour and explain about our business. We strive to support community development by offering social studies education.

Educational symposium to help develop healthcare
Initial situation

Fujirebio has held the Medicopia Educational Symposium in January each year since 1981. In keeping with the symposium theme, Development and Exchanges in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, we hold lectures and discussions to consider medical problems from a broader perspective.

Evening with Genetics organized by Texas Children’s Hospital
Initial situation

In fiscal 2018, Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories, LLC became a sponsor of the seminar series on genetics and family health organized by Texas Children’s Hospital. Its goal is to encourage networking with experts on genetic research as well as to present the advances in genetic research to ordinary families.