In 1981, the Miraca Group initiated an open symposium on medical issues geared for the general public, training and research grants for future medical technologists, as well as the predecessor to the local community project at the Hachioji Office.
As we pursue our established programs and community initiative, we began the Miraca Philanthropy in 2018 in conjunction with the Group’s CSR initiatives. After a successful inaugural year, we will continuously refine our unique Miraca approach to facing the social issues of our times through the process of trial and error.

Philanthropy Policy

The Miraca Group promotes philanthropy that creates a healthy and prosperous society and goes beyond our business domain. We will effectively utilize available resources and serve as a member of the global community while continuously disclosing our outcomes quantitatively and qualitatively.

  1. We aim to resolve social issues on health, human resources, the environment, local communities and disasters, in collaboration with NPOs, patients associations and other organizations advancing innovative activities. We address care-related issues over the long term in particular.
  2. We offer various support programs and seek to run them effectively so that the voluntary involvement of employees in philanthropic activities leads to their personal growth and sense of fulfillment and pride as a group employee.
  3. We strive to create novel ideas that merge the knowledge and issue awareness gained through philanthropic activities and the technological expertise cultivated through our business, and to develop philanthropic programs that leverage the various skills and problem awareness of each employee, to continually redefine our corporate identity.
Activities by corporations to create a healthy and vibrant society, such as volunteer work, community initiatives and donations
Care-related issues:
Challenges faced by people in disadvantageous situations despite being members of society. We at the Miraca Group consider the issues of cancer, intractable or rare disease patients and their families, or of those who are forced to bear huge financial burdens due to prolonged hospitalization, as falling within the scope of our philanthropic activities.

Open symposium (Medicopia Educational Symposium) (Since 1981)/Miraca Philanthropy (Since 2018)Open symposium (Medicopia Educational Symposium) (Since 1981)/Miraca Philanthropy (Since 2018)