Developing Healthcare, Creating a Healthy and Prosperous Society

Shunichi Higashi
President and CEO
SRL, Inc.

Cutting edge testing for medical breakthroughs

SRL’s mission is to help develop healthcare and create a healthy and prosperous society through clinical testing. As healthcare changes, our roles and responsibilities in fulfilling that mission have been growing even more. Our company has grown by specializing in esoteric testing, such as those related to genes and chromosomes. However, the remarkable medical progress in recent years now require more advanced skills and technologies in clinical testing, such as those for cancer genomes.
The need for not just specialized but also personalized medical treatment to address individual patient symptoms will surely grow as well. Identifying the optimal treatment can help curb excessive medication for the patient and ultimately help reduce the soaring healthcare costs for society. I believe that clinical testing plays a major role here, and our company’s experience, skills and excellent testing system will then come into its own.

Growing role in local healthcare infrastructure

Another critical change has been the growing importance of community healthcare. We believe that providing highly specialized clinical testing quickly to general practitioners and clinics in primary care helps support the operations of local medical institutions and ultimately leads to improved services for patients. Having a wider range of diagnostic tests available at nearby medical institutions can also help in disease prevention and early detection by increasing medical examination rates. Working to achieving this goal, we opened two satellite laboratories: SRL Setagaya Laboratory and SRL Advanced Lab. Azabu, in 2018. Thus, we are able to reduce turnaround time (TAT) from taking the test to returning the test results. And by being in closer proximity to medical institutions, we are also more responsive to their needs. Leveraging group synergy and strengthening our collaboration with Fujirebio, we will continue to offer the best services to medical institutions.

Wholehearted performance leading to CSV

As we grow, we realize that our role in society also grows. It is essential that we fulfill our social responsibilities by performing our work wholeheartedly and reliably to deepen the trust of patients and medical institutions. By positively striving toward this goal, I believe that we can work toward Creating Shared Value (CSV) and enhance our corporate competitiveness.