Providing Products and Services to Solve Healthcare Issues Globally

Yoshihiro Ashihara
President and CEO
Fujirebio Holdings, Inc.

Reagents for infectious diseases

The role of testing is to make the invisible world visible. Since its founding, Fujirebio has continued to serve global healthcare by offering high-precision testing equipment and highly sensitive reagents that measure trace amounts more reliably.
The world’s first syphilis reagent launched by Fujirebio in 1966, Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination (TPHA) kit, is still trusted as the golden standard in countries across the world more than 50 years later. TPHA and other manual reagents have played a major role in the fight against infectious diseases, since they are easy to adopt in countries where the use of automated testing instrument is difficult due to the economic situation or lack of infrastructure. Continuing to provide such simple, low-cost and highly accurate products is in our roots and is our social responsibility as well.

Pinpointing medical needs in a diversified world

Worldwide trends in healthcare show that dementia, cancer and lifestyle-related diseases have grown amidst economic growth and aging populations, bringing about social issues beyond infectious diseases. Fujirebio develops unique, new products and services such as the world’s first Alzheimer’s diagnostic product launched in Europe, which can assay with a fully automated system. We promote disease mechanism awareness that hepatitis B progresses to liver cirrhosis and then to liver cancer, and offer a hepatocellular carcinoma marker reagent in China, while we established a local subsidiary in India. Under Fujirebio Holdings founded in 2017, we strive to serve healthcare by pinpointing the medical needs in various countries.
Japan also has various healthcare issues, and improving the sustainability of local healthcare is becoming more important. Together with SRL, which handles clinical laboratory testing, Fujirebio can make the best proposals as a Miraca Group company to medical institutions and healthcare professionals and support local healthcare infrastructures through testing.

Developing unique products toward new value creation

The products and services offered by Fujirebio and the Miraca Group exist to support a healthy and prosperous society. To keep fulfilling our social responsibilities, we comply with the relevant laws and regulations and reduce our environmental impact, as we wholeheartedly conduct our daily tasks. We will continue creating new value through the development and provision of unique products and collaboration within the Group.