Value Created through Philanthropy

Perceiving All Our Stakeholder’s Eexpectations Invisible through Business

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Strategic philanthropy in the four areas of activities

The Miraca Group aims to become a corporate group with forward-looking and distinctive CSR activities in Japan by 2020. We have united to promote philanthropic activities that were left up to the Group companies or divisions before. This strategic program embodies the Miraca Group’s four areas of CSR activities and leads to future business and corporate brand improvement by enabling us to perceive society’s expectations, which we cannot directly experience from daily work. For a healthy and prosperous society, we focus on support for patients with intractable children’s diseases, intractable / rare diseases and cancer.
For human resources, we conduct employee work style reform, promote diversity and human rights. For the environment, we implement forest village conservation near the Hachioji Office, and for local communities, a wide range of activities from community development and children’s healthy development to aid to developing countries and disaster-stricken areas.

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*In this report, philanthropy is defined as the scope of activities that are not directly connected to business but have high social value, such as charity work and corporate patronage.

Volunteer work by the private sector for public benefit, especially corporate social contributions (including donations).
CommentsAiming for 1,000 employees participating with more qualitative contributions

We believe philanthropic activities are essential for companies that are supposed to address social issues.
We plan to work intently on over 40 activities a year that help address various issues in Japan and abroad.
Grouping activities into contribution or development, we will raise both the quality and quantity of activities to provide a wide range of opportunities for employees to help solve social issues. We also aim to grow our core business of clinical testing as our employees gain knowledge from their experience with the latest trends in society.

Shigeto Ohtsuki
Executive Officer, Human Resources and CSR
Miraca Holdings Inc.

Aiding Disaster Areas with Both Donation and Volunteer Work

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The Miraca Disaster Relief Donation Scheme

With the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, local volunteering and donating to help disaster-stricken areas have become more common. To enable activities across the whole Group, the Miraca Disaster Relief Donation Scheme was formally set up in January 2018 by the Executive Board as a platform for aiding disaster areas. Six months later in July 2018, this scheme was initiated for the devastating torrential rains in western Japan. The donation matching scheme was conducted through cooperation between employees and the company. Employees declare donations via a dedicated website on the group portal and the company contributes an amount greater than the total to NGOs and public organizations. We donated about 610,000 yen (total as of July 31, 2018) to Civic Force, an NGO providing swift and proper assistance during disasters in Japan. The scheme will continue for some time, with the next donation given to victims through public organizations. Along with encouraging long-term employee donations, we also provided disaster relief support through volunteer work conducted together with the victims in disaster areas.

CommentsVolunteering early for western Japan torrential rains disaster

When we received reports of the devastation caused by the heavy downpours in western Japan in July 7, 2018, we wanted to go and offer our help as volunteers. But by the 9th, volunteer centers at various areas were still being set up and acceptance from outside the prefectures was limited. A call came out for disaster relief volunteers on July 15 and 16 at the Takahashi City volunteer center in Okayama Prefecture. Quickly recruiting across our group companies in Japan, 18 volunteers in all were able to finish the work over the two days.

Hideyuki Itsuji
General Manager,
CSR Promotion Department
Miraca Holdings Inc.

We were exhausted working at over 37℃ under the blazing sun, but were happy to help locally and did our best for early assistance.
Dedicated website of the Miraca Disaster Relief Donation Scheme in the group portal. It shows employee donation application form, recommended recipients and other information.