Value from Clinical Laboratory Testing

Untiring Efforts to Identify Various Patient Illnesses through Esoteric Testing

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Helping treat patients suffering from various diseases

SRL offers testing services for lung cancer using the Next Generation Sequencer (NGS) for the cancer genome genetic testing. The NGS can analyze tens to hundreds of genes simultaneously, requiring only a small amount of specimen and to simultaneously detect genetic mutations with rates of about one to two individuals in 100. This leads to more effective medications and makes it possible to control medical costs on companion diagnostics for cancer which tend to be expensive.
For rare diseases with few patients, research on diagnostics and treatments progresses more slowly than other diseases because of economic issues. As the origin of our corporate name ― Special Reference Laboratories ― indicates, our aim is to be the reference laboratory for special testing of clinical specimens. At SRL, we actively work to fill the unmet medical needs for diseases which there are still no available effective treatments for, including rare diseases.
We will continue to fulfill our responsibility as a leader in clinical testing according to our philosophy of placing equal importance to testing all diseases, whether chronic or rare, even under many difficulties such as the need to develop our own tests because of the lack of research data.
Aside from conducting evaluation tests in regenerative medicine, we also provide statistical data of virus tests to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), as we work not just for the company but also for the greater good of medical care.

Esoteric testing

Clinical testing that are typically related to genes or chromosomes.
Often requiring cutting edge technologies and facilities, these are often outsourced to large-scale testing centers such as SRL even by large hospitals.

CommentsAn all-around, comprehensive testing company

The strength of SRL is not only in being able to accept various kinds of clinical testing without bias, but also in its positive attitude toward working on new testing. As a comprehensive testing company, we will continue to capitalize on this strength and support the development of healthcare as a whole.

Hiroki Beppu
General Manager,
Genetic & Chromosome Analysis Department,
Testing Division
SRL, Inc.

Active Service to Local Healthcare through New Laboratories

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Helping develop local healthcare by providing quick testing results

Local clinics are anticipated to grow even more important as the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) promotes differentiation and collaboration in medical care functions.
At SRL, we have opened new satellite laboratories with the aim of helping community healthcare to cope with such changes. Tests which used to be carried out in our laboratory in Hachioji City, Tokyo can now be conducted nearby. Two facilities opened in March and May 2018 respectively: SRL Setagaya Laboratory and SRL Advanced Lab. Azabu.
Satellite laboratories achieve earlier diagnosis, being able to report testing results in 30 minutes at the shortest for general tests and two hours for standard tests. Providing testing results quickly leads to early treatment and early recovery, and enables us to meet the testing demand from clinics that will assume the function of local primary care physicians.
The Setagaya Laboratory also has the facilities to offer test staff training to help improve the quality of clinical testing and raise professional awareness in clinical testing by close contact with doctors and patients.

CommentsStrength in being community-based

One feature of community-based satellite labs is that we can accompany sales personnel in visiting our client medical institutions. By obtaining valuable feedback directly from doctors, we can determine their immediate needs as well as promptly offer our professional expertise and accommodate requests, as we strive to serve local healthcare.

Noriko Maruyama
Senior Manager,
Minato Testing Section,Tokyo Testing Department,
Sales Division
SRL, Inc.

SRL Advanced Lab. Azabu also has a showroom equipped with the services offered by SRL to general practitioners.