CSR Activities


In recognizing the importance of coexistence and harmony with the environment, the Miraca Group has actively undertaken environmental protection activities.
In the course of our activities, SRL and Fujirebio were accredited “ISO 14001”, the international standard of environmental management systems in 2000 and 2001, respectively.
In addition, both companies publish environmental reports which summarize their environmental protection activities.

Social Contributions

Training program for trainees from developing countries

As a part of the Group’s social contribution activities, Fujirebio and SRL provide training courses for trainees from developing countries under the commission from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Under this program, laboratory technicians and their supervisors visit us to learn and exchange testing technologies. Fujirebio also exports its products to developing countries through international organizations such as WHO and UNICEF. Thus, the Miraca Group contributes to healthcare in the world.

Educational symposium

Since 1981, Fujirebio has sponsored the yearly “Medicopia Educational Lecture Symposium”. With the main theme of “Exchange and Developing Clinical and Basic Medical Care”, the Symposium provides an opportunity for lectures and discussions on medical issues from broad perspectives.

Academic lecture meetings and seminars

SRL organizes academic lecture meetings and arranges exhibitions and seminars at medical congresses to provide the information about a wide range of topics in the field of clinical testing.
“SRL Infectious Diseases Forum”, one of its activities, provides timely and practical information about the latest topics in the field of infectious diseases and attracts an increasing larger attendance each year.

Participation in local communities

Since 2006, SRL and Fujirebio have jointly held the “Summer Festival” at the Fujirebio Hachioji Site as an opportunity to interact with people in the Hachioji community, and more than 2,000 people come to enjoy the festival every year.

Arts and culture support

Miraca Group supports arts and cultural projects. We became a special corporate sponsor of Nobuyuki Tsujii 2017 "Music and Painting" Concert Tour.